Michel & Viviana


This one of a kind truly unique collection created by Michel Plumail represents the mastery acquired from over 40 years of creating jewelry. Countless hours have been spent creating each one of a kind work of art.

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Cetus Air
Pendant, fabricated from 2 sheets of metal and some rods about 100 pieces cut and soldered using traditional techniques with torches and hand saw, hammer forged into shape with flush set stones rubies and emeralds, gold, sterling silver, copper.
Dimensions: 3”X 1” X 2”

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Jonah's Whale of a Ride
Hinged box sterling silver, 14k gold, flush set diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires .
Dimensions: 4”X 4” X 6”

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Fly to Cairo
18k white & yellow,14k green gold, married metals each color of gold soldered together, emerald and diamonds flush set, sand blasted finish.
Dimensions: 3” X 1” X 1”

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Pendant made of sterling silver, copper, 14k gold and flash set rubies.
Dimensions: 3”X 2” X 1.5”

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Longing for my Queen
Ring 18k gold white and yellow married metal each color of gold is soldered together, flush set diamonds, black Akoya pearl, sand blasted finish.
Dimensions: 2”X .5”

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Bracelet sterling silver, 14k gold, copper, rubies and emeralds flush set , each color a different piece soldered together.
Dimensions: 5”X 4” X 1”

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Checker Board Ring
18 k white and yellow married metals inlaid diamond flush set, sand blasted finish.

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Love Bridge Ring
18 k white and yellow gold, married metals, platinum arch, diamond tension set, sand blasted finish.

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Tricolor Ring
18 k white, yellow and pink gold, married metals rubies flash sets, sand blasted finish.

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Hello Flash Gordon
Bracelet,18k white & yellow gold, 14k pink gold, married metals each gold color a different piece soldered together, rubies and garnets flush set, sand blasted finish .
Dimensions: 3” X 1.5” X 1”

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Bracelet, 14k yellow gold and sterling silver
Dimensions: 3" x 2" x 1"

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