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Michel was born in Nice south of France where he spent his early childhood. Moving to Paris for high school and college he then went to Brazzaville in the Congo where he worked as a French teacher for two years.

Coming to the USA in 1974 he became fascinated with the art scene and started designing and creating jewelry. Participating in art shows since 1976 being mostly self taught he developed his own original technique for creating patterns by soldering seamlessly different alloys of gold a technique sometimes referred as “married metals”. Creating more and more sophisticated pieces over the following years he won numerous awards in art shows all over the USA while also running a little boutique-workshop in the east village of New York City called “L’Atelier”

In 1998 he partnered with Viviana Gil an artist from Chile with which he shared the same sense of esthetic and flair for elegant design and their cooperation on all aspects of the creation of jewelry led to more success and awards in the following years since
Viviana was born in Valparaiso, Chile. She visited the USA for the first time in 1978 following her father who left Chile after the military coup. Soon afterwards the majority of her family, except for one of her sisters, migrated and followed the "American Dream" to the states. It wasn't until 1982 that she made a permanent move to NYC.

During college she studied interior design for 3 years but didn’t get to finish because of the military coup and also her University was burn down during the.

She has always been attracted to the art world and after moving to the states she got into making leather goods in a more artistic way working with a wet forming technique making jewelry and vases.

In 1998 she joined forces with Michel learning how to work with metals. Ever since then she is been a successful jewelry artist raising 2 sons and traveling all over the country.
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